Bayle Orwyn

Bayle - Lvl 7 Drow Rogue


Bayle Orwyn
Level 7 Drow Rogue
Neutral Evil


STR: 13+1 DEX: 18+4
CON: 12+1 INT: 18+4
WIS: 7 -2 CHA: 14+2

FOR; +4 REF; +10 WILL; +1

AC; 22 – 17 – 18

BAB; +5 INIT; +8

MWK Adamantine Rapier +2 1d6; 18-20/x2
MWK Light Crossbow +2 1d8; 19-20/x2
Chain Shirt +1AC
Ring of Protection +1AC
Black Tooth +1AC Natural Armor
Cloak of Resistance +1 FOR, +1 REF, +1 WILL
Hat of Disguise


The Origin of Bayle Orwyn

Bayle was born in the long forgotten land of the Underdark. A realm of eternal darkness, hidden deep underground; where the only light comes from irradiated wurms and mutated fungus. A hostile and unforgiving environment where the slightest mistake will be met with misery and death. Only creatures with attuned senses can navigate and survive in these harsh depths below. The slightest sound of shifting of stone can be the difference between escape meeting death from a collapsing tunnel.

As did every Drow, Bayle received training in deadly combat and the arcane arts. From early on, he was very resistant to the use of magic. Bayle preferred to attack with a blade, or a crossbow, or even his bare fists if the need arose. For Bayle, it was about honor. Magic carried no honor in his eyes.
He was repeatedly beaten and abused by his peers for his dislike of magic. He was always told that the most powerful of Drow were those who were gifted in the arcane. Bayle very much disagreed with this.
Instead of spending his time practicing his spell-casting, Bayle chose to spend this time practicing his blade-work; mastering the use of a sword-sword in combat. After many years of training from his superiors, and practice from having to fight off his spell-wielding peers, Bayle considered himself the finest swordsman in the whole of the Underdark.

At the time of his coming of age, when it was time for him to be put through a test of Lloth, where a Drow must face many trials to test their abilities in combat and the use of magic. Bayle refused, he was threatened with death and still he resisted. This decision infuriated the Drow Matron, and she ordered him to be held in a prison until she could decide how best to execute him.
Bayle was easily able to escape from his cell, and using the shadows and his knowledge of stealth, he was able to flee the city without anyone at all taking notice.

Bayle’s journey through the caves and caverns of the Underdark lasted him several years. He was forced to be in a constant state of awareness and remain completely silent and hidden from sight. Bayle knew, from his teachings and from stories he had heard… That there were many terrible things in the caverns that awaited him to be caught off guard.
Bayle was occasionally awoken by the sounds of approaching footsteps, the sounds of Drow Assassins that had been sent by the Drow Matron to enact her revenge on him by killing him and taking his head back to her to claim their reward.
But in the eternal darkness and shadows of the Underdark, They were no match for Bayle. His skill in stealth techniques that had only grown and become more refined from his years of exile in solitude allowed him to dispatch them quickly and quietly. Taking what he could and leaving the bodies behind for the foul creatures of the Underdark to dispose of.

Years and Years went by, and the assassin’s attacks grew less and less frequent. In his solitude Bayle soon became very comfortable with silence, so much so that the ideas of large groups and gatherings with loud conversation and music disgusted him even at their mere memory.
Bayle eventually stumbled across a stone staircase, leading up and out of his sight. Even with his infravision he could not see where the staircase led. He started to climb the staircase and kept climbing. After hours it seemed as though there was no end to the staircase… But Bayle kept climbing.

After a week of climbing the staircase, and following it around turns, gantry ways, and a switchback or two, Bayle was close to giving up. But off ahead of him he saw that the staircase leveled into a long stone path. At the end of the path was a small but very bright light. He knew it must be the surface, so Bayle kept walking towards it, and eventually broke off into a run, and ran down the stone path towards the light. Until the light dominated his vision, and then he skidded to a stop. He looked into the bright white light, and saw only its brilliance.
He looked back into the black depths of the caves of the Underdark, where he had spent his entire life… And vowed that he would never return.

Bayle stepped out into the bright light, and for the first time in his life, he felt free.

Bayle Orwyn

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