Ikiastosh Hellsing

Killing is as easy as breathing, and fun too.


STR: 18
DEX: 17
CON: 15
INT: 12
WIS: 16
CHA: 12

HP: 64 Level 6 fighter,
AC: 23
Touch: 12
Flat-foot: 18

Fort: 7
REF: 5

Melee: +10
Ranged: +1
CMB: +10
CMD: 22

Power Attack
Great Cleave
Combat Reflexes
Weapon Training Heavy Weapons
Vital strike

Armor & Sheild:
Master Full Plate
Heavy Sheild +1 (Aegis)

Weapons & Attacks:
MWK Bastard Sword: 10+1, 1d10+7
ANTIANIUM Greatsword: (Raiden) 2d6 1d6 electric damage
Warhammer “Justice”
1: 10+1, 1d8+7
MWK Heavy Crossbow 1: 81, 1d10+4, range 120ft

Climb: 11
Intimidate: 15
Perception: 11
Sense Motive: 3
Swim: 11


My name is Ikiatosh; I am a half-orc that was found on the battle field by my adoptive parents of the hellsing family. They raised my as one of their own and loved me, my father is a paladin of the empire and my mother is an ark mage of the circle of entities in my country. My family is a well known in my country for slaying monsters and other creatures that wish to cause terror among the people of my county, I was one of those monster that we fight to kill and yet I was accepted as family. When I was growing up in a family that kills my kind it was hard, I was not accepted at first until one day when goblin got into our house and tried to take my little sister Clare who was still in dippers. I did not understand what happened with me but I grabbed the closes thing next to me which was a meat cleaver. I managed to get the goblin with the cleaver on the shoulder and took the arm off, the goblin screamed and altered the families’ dogs that cornered the creature in the corner and as the dogs began to tear it to pieces I could hear it last sounds to be made. My father and mother came into the room where I sat with Clare that was very calm after the ordeal, my mother came to Clare and me se if we where ok and my father saw the cleaver and the dogs that killed the goblin that thought my little sister was easy game. I still remembered what my father said to me that day, “you will make a good fighter in the future.”
I was trained in both magic and might, but to the sad fact that my mother hated, I am half-orc and love to fight, it’s my nature. I have trained for many years in the art of the knight, and yet I re-belled the school of the zendikars and killed in cold blood. My first kill, my nobility saved me from imprisonment and I was cast out of the school, with shamed to the family. My mother was pleased and tried to get me into magic, but I refused. My father was infuriated and cast me into the undertones for punishment. For me to survive the under tomes you need to fight, hard! I survived and became a true member of the hellsings.
Through the years as a hellsing I did many missions to other places to slay the demons that the countries have paid us to do. My brother and sisters proved to be capable fighters for humans, my brother Alex is the strongest of the four, second with my elder sister Isabel, third for me, and last for Clare. For the years that we fought the sight of me turn less into a monster and more into a brother, those times were the best until the great battle with the hoards of orcs that fought for freedom in these lands. These battles were difficult and long, and in the mist of the battle I met a female half-orc named Kaszuula. Kaszuula was the daughter of the chief of the orcs and was a great fighter that never stopped fighting even if it was near death herself. This was a fight that lasted 6 day and 6 nights, this was hard. Under different ideas I would have preferred to do the undertomes than fight this crazy and unrefined fighting of the female half-orc. After the fourth day I began to have feeling with this women, her fighting was hard to read and yet I found my self drawn to it.

Times changed and the Hellsings and the tribes stop the battles formed an agreement that will last for thousands of years, the biggest problem is that I was the declarations of the truce. I was to be married to Kaszuula, the chief daughter, she was happy but I was not ready to settle down. Before the marriage I found a secret passage that leads under our sacred mountain and I found the remains of a legendary dragon by the name Igneel. In the tome of this mighty dragon I found a secret that my family has been keeping away from me and my siblings; the hellsing family are legendary keepers of the dragons, in the tome I found the emblem of the keeps, an amulet that burns with white fire that blazes in the hands of the true keepers. I now know what we siblings have to do; we will spread out to the four winds and find a legendary dragon of fire that will lead my family down the right path that it deems as the path.
On the wedding day I escaped with the mission that we four have decided to find the remaining legendary dragons have them lead our family and rule the land once again. Soon after I reached the mainland I found myself confronted by a vary pissed half-orc women and her name is Kaszuula; shit she followed me! I lost her in this town with a severe beating and found myself running from a pissed fiancée, so I am in hiding and this man that I told that I was looking for work put me into the party of a dwarf, a human, and a elf (filthy elf’s).
This is where the new story begins and I hope Kaszuula does not find me until the mission is complete. And then I can think about settling down.

A Basterd’s work is never done`

Ikiastosh Hellsing

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