Lucas Vorn (Deceased)

Human Ranger, Hunter and Tracker, Life cut tragicily short by a gnome with a lever addiction


Str: 16
Dex: 18 (Human bonus included)
Con: 15
Int: 17
Wis: 14
Cha: 12

Fort: 5
Ref: 7
Will: 3

Hp: 30
AC: 18
Initiative: 4
Speed: 30 ft.

BAB: 3
CMB: 6
CMD: 20
Grapple: 5

Spot: 8
Listen: 7
Search: 8

Feats & Special Abilites:
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Greatbow)
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
Favored Enemy (Goblinoid) (2)
Favored Terrain (Forest)
Wild Empathy


Born in the small town of Bloodthorn just 2 days east of Nevarre, Lucas spent his boyhood days wandering the forest with his father helping him hunt, fish and guard the forest that is his home. At an early age Lucas showed all the bravery, skill and curiosity required to be a Hunter. For the town of Bloodthorn Hunters hunted the woodland trails to help supplement the grain brought in by the farms but Hunters are also the town’s scouts, guards and guides. Lucas’ training into the life of a Hunter started as any other, day after day of training with a bow with his father then in the evening the young hunters-in-training would go to the woods to practice stalking with elf Arabelle.

Finally, my first mission as a Hunter, Lucas thought. With his childhood friend Annabelle beside him there was no way that we could. “Lucas! Lucas!” Lucas snapped out of his wonderings and looked up to see his father rushing towards him with a large wrapped bundle in his arms. “Ah Lucas, I thought I was going to miss you there for a second.” said his father. Trying to keep the boredom out of his voice, “No, father, the priest is still packing his horse so it will be a few before we set out.” “Excellent, I know you’re excited to get on with your first assignment but I have a gift for you my son.” Lucas watched with a mix of wonder and shock as his father revealed his father’s Greatbow, a weapon that had been in the family for generations. “Father!” “Now, now my son I know what you are going to say and the answer is yes. Yes you can take the bow, yes I am giving it to you and yes, you have earned it my son. It our family’s way, this bow has been passed down not from father to son but from archer to archer and now, it’s your time to wield it. Trust me son it’s time, I remember when my mother came running out to meet me and I had all the same fears running through my head when she gave me this bow. Trust me, your ready” Lucas could do nothing more then stand there mute as a stone. Finally he managed a short nod to his father, took the bow into his grasp, and set out into the wilderness.

“So, how many strikes does that earn me?” said a gruff voice in dwarven. “As many as it takes.” Lucas awoke from his dream, cold, wet, and still naked. Looking around the dank pit he struggled to think of what might have woke him. Fighting! There was a full fight going on up there! Alright Lucas, stay calm stay quiet and wait. Finally after the sound of sword blows ended and a quiet rustling sounds drifted its way down into the pit, Lucas called up in dwarven, “Hey Hammerer, I am kind of hungry down here, how about some food.” No sooner did he finish his sentence then a couple day old dead deurger body slams down next to him. Ah great, not only does he give me an uncooked meal but one that is already rotting, oh well lets try this again. “Hey, Hammerer, not that I don’t appreciate the meal but how about something a little fresher!?” Another body slams down near him, but unlike the last this one wasn’t a deurger. Hmmm, Hammerer dead well finally I get a break, ok Hermes you got me captured, now if you get me out I won’t let any cleric know you let a faithful become little more then a slave. “Ok then well since the Hammerer is dead would you mind letting me out?” Ok now they are arguing, and in common, ok now listen and think, mixed group, pair of dwarves, orc? Nah Half-Orc, but still Half-Orc and a pair of dwarves, and an elf, AND a human, adventures! Thank you Hermes, I swear that I ain’t going to stop travelling for many, many a year! “Hello? Ok would anybody mind letting me out? Please?” THUNK! Ooooook then. That body was close, no that body was aimed, at me! Ok easy Lucas most likely the Half-Orc, dang brute, ahh a rope. Lucas climbed swiftly up the rope into the light and into the arms of the Basterds.

Among all the Basterds (Not counting the Paladin who left) Lucas is most likely the most honorable and decent member of the group. In fact its a wonder to why someone like Lucas would ever join up with the group at all, if asked he will most likely wave you away or talk about how by his example he hopes to redeem them. In truth, deep down he know exactly why he joined and none of it was for “honorable” reasons. He may never admit it but Lucas joined the Basterds because he saw a group of lost souls, each of them had lost there way at some point and ended up here, and Lucas is more lost then most.

Lucas Vorn (Deceased)

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