Rapacious Basterds

Log 1: From Nevarre to Bloodthorn

(Game date 10/9/2010)

The Bastards finally returned to Nevarre from their extended visit to the abandoned fortress of Copperblaze. The caravan they had escorted was heavily laden with dwarven statues and artifacts, and the group was given a generous share of the profits that Fat Charles expected to reap. After relieving themselves of some of their heavier treasures, the group set about the most important part of their profession: getting piss-drunk.

They proceeded to a modest, yet popular tavern in the Old Quarter of Nevarre, along its flooded canal-streets. Khord made a beeline for the bar, demanding the “best in the house,” and was presented with an opaque bottle of a potent, dark green liquor. He and Volgan soon discovered the potent properties of Wormwood Goblin-wine, and spent the remainder of their tavern visit alternately hallucinating and lying unconscious on the floor.

Ikiatosh decided more vigorous entertainment was in order, and threw a punch at a rather unimposing fellow who had been minding his own business in the corner. The bartender quickly called for Grog the ogre bouncer to eject the troublemaker, but he did not arrive in time to prevent the ensuing fracas. As Grog was attempting to defenestrate the tavern’s troublemakers, Bayle caught sight of a scrap of parchment that two burly fellows seemed insistent on brawling over, and he proceeded to lift it from its unsuspecting owner.

Fleeing the scene, the group decided it would be best to skip town for a bit, lest their highly recognizable half-orc be thrown in the clink. They made their way to the nearby settlement of Bloodthorn, where Lucas could deliver the news of his previous companions’ deaths.

In Bloodthorn’s tavern, the Basterds happened to overhear news of a strangely abandoned nearby village. They quickly set forth, seemingly depending on Fortune to deliver them the rewards which they had not demanded up-front for this endeavor.


Technically I asked him for the most illegal thing he had behind the counter, but I suppose they could be the same thing.

Log 1: From Nevarre to Bloodthorn

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